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Poker Strategy Tips - Capped Ranges

THE NEW CHECKRAISING COURSE IS OUT! Come check out Uri Peleg's amazing new solver-focused strategy course, "Checkraising Strategies", to master one of the most underutilized tools in poker. Be sure to also check out his first course, "Red-Line - Philosophy and Practice", as well as our Preflop Solutions, for advanced, up-to-date GTO ranges that are applicable to a wide variety of games. (We accept requests!)

Poker has come a long way. Time was, being capped meant you were at the mercy of your opponents. But is that still the case?

In this week's video, Uri takes a look at Brad Owens' poker Youtube channel, and dissects a hand where Brad finds himself in a difficult spot that most of us can relate to - you flop the nuts, but then along comes the river, to change everything... followed by a big pile of chips pushed into the pot by our opponent.

Does Brad have to shrug and call, or did he miss an opportunity to make a big hero fold? Tune in to hear Uri walk us through the best way to approach these spots.

Brad Owens Poker Vlog Ep 173:

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