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Poker Hand Rankings In Under 1 Minute (with tie breakers)

All the poker hand rankings, starting from the lowest to the highest. From
High Card to the elusive Royal Flush. Low to High:
High Card,
One Pair,
Two Pair,
Three of a Kind,
Full House,
Four of a Kind,
Straight Flush,
Royal Flush.

Perfect for beginners and refreshing for seasoned players, this guide will help you hold your own at any poker table. Subscribe for more gaming strategies and quick guides to elevate your gameplay!

Full Poker Playlist here: • POKER!

Other Versions of Poker:
Five Card Draw: • POKER: Mastering 5 Card Draw: Rules, ...
A classic poker variant where each player is dealt five facedown cards. Players can discard some of these cards to draw new ones, aiming to improve their hand. Its simplicity makes it great for beginners.

Stud Poker: • POKER: 7 Card Stud Style and 5 Card S...
Involves players receiving a mix of face-down and face-up cards over several rounds of betting. Players cannot change their cards, making memory and observation crucial.

Omaha Poker: • Omaha Poker: Learn It's Unique Spin o...
Similar to Texas Hold'em, but with a twist. Players receive four hole cards instead of two, and must use exactly two of them, along with three of the five community cards, to make the best poker hand at showdown. This complexity appeals to experienced players.

Hold'em Poker: • POKER the Ultimate Startup Guide to T...
The most popular variant, featuring two hole cards for each player and five community cards in the middle. Players can use any combination to form the best poker hand. Its simple gameplay and deep strategy make it a mainstay in major poker tournaments and casual poker nights with friends.

If you spot any of my grammatical errors, typos or visual mistakes, congratulations, you found an intentional Easter Egg! Collect them all! This video has 27 of them, how many did you spot?