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WTF! Player FLIPS Over Opponent's LIVE Poker Hand in $4400+ pot

Shocking poker moments like this do happen at every poker table around the world. During the TCH LIVE $2/$5 NL Texas Hold'em Cash Game, during this $3500 poker pot - Josh and JDogg both have the same poker hand. The turn card brings a heart draw for JDOgg and then the river, he hits a FLUSH. Josh goes ALL IN and is actually trying to BLUFF his way to win the hand but then you won't believe what he did. During that round, you see a discussion break out between the two about potentially showing the other a card. That's when this shocking moment took place. The floor steps in and the exchange gets heated at the table.

Comment below what you THINK happened between them.

The full and full stream can be viewed at this link -

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