Caribbean Poker game

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Description of "Caribbean Poker" game – Caribbean poker is one of the most popular poker games that allows you to win big. After you put the initial stake, dealer and you are receiving five cards. One of the dealers cards is with the face upwards, while the others lie face down. Now you can decide whether to stay in the game or surrender and lose your initial stake. If you stay in the game, you must add double the amount of initial stake. Also, you can replace any of the cards, but you will have to give the amount equal to starting stake for each card you want to change. Now it's time to dealer checks his cards. If the dealer does not have at least as and the king, you will automatically receives a profit equal to the initial bet and additional stake returns. But if dealer have at least ace and the king, then yours and his cards are comparing. If your hand is better, you gets equal amount as initial investment and the extra stake according paytable. If dealers cards are stronger then yours, you lose the initial and additional investment.

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